Top-Up ChannelsLocations

Self Service Machines

General Ticketing Machine
TransitLink Add Value MachineAt selected MRT stations, bus interchanges and selected bus stops

EZ-Link App

Download the EZ-Link app from Google Play Store and top up your ez-link card, EZ-Charms and EZ-Link NFC SIM from your NFC enabled Android Handset.

Find out more about the EZ-Link App.

Manned Counters

TransitLink Ticket OfficeClick here to show locations of TransitLink Ticket Offices
Passenger Service CentreAt selected MRT stations

EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up Service)

By Mastercard or VISARegister via the EZ-Link App. Find out more here.
By GIRO (DBS/POSB savings or current account)Apply at all AXS stations. Find out more, visit here.


All DBS and POSB ATMs ez-link card top-up at DBS / POSB ATMs

How to Top-Up

Step 1:Insert ATM Card
Step 2:Enter PIN
Step 3:Select ‘More Services’ in Main Menu
Step 4:Select ‘Cashcard / ez-link card Services’
Step 5:Select ‘ez-link card’
Step 6:Select ‘To Continue’ after Terms and Condition page
Step 7:Select ‘Top-Up ez-link card’
Step 8:Select top-up amount
Step 9:Select account
Step 10:Place ez-link card at card slot
Step 11:Confirm ez-link card top-up request, with receipt or without receipt
Step 12:Once transaction is complete, please remove your ez-link card and ATM Card.


From 27 Feb 2012, EZ-Link will charge $0.20 for refunding the value on your ez-link card via OCBC ATMs.

OCBC ATMs with the EZ-Link logo

How to Top-Up

Step 1:Insert OCBC ATM/FairPrice Plus (FPP) card in the OCBC ATM/ATM Plus
Step 2:Select language (English or Chinese)
Step 3:Enter your OCBC/FPP ATM card PIN
Step 4:Select “MORE SERVICES”
Step 5:Select “MORE SERVICES”
Step 7:Select “EZ-LINK SERVICES”
Step 8:Read and confirm T&C
Step 9:Remove your ATM Card which will be ejected from the machine
Step 10:Place your ez-link card on the card holder
Step 11:Select “TOP-UP”
Step 12:Enter your OCBC/FPP ATM card PIN again
Step 13:Select “TOP-UP AMOUNT” (e.g. $10, $20, $30, $50, $100, $200, $300 or top-up other amounts).
Step 14:If you have selected “TOP-UP OTHER AMOUNT”, please enter the desired top-up amount (Please note that for “other amounts”, the amount entered must be more than or equal to the minimum top-up amount and must be in full sum. No coin or decimal point is allowed.)
Step 15:Press “CONFIRM” to proceed with the transaction (If there is no charge, ATM will not display this screen.)
Step 16:Transaction is completed.
Step 17:ATM will print receipt after transaction is completed

AXS Stations*

All stations ez-link card Top-Up Process at AXS Machines

How to Top-Up

Step 1:Choose the Services button
Step 2:Choose EZ-Link button
Step 3:Choose ‘Top-Up ez-link card’
Step 4:Place your ez-link card as shown
Step 5:Do not remove ez-link card
Step 6:Please select top-up amount
Step 7:Summary of ez-link card details and chosen
top-up amount. Select ‘Pay By D-Pay’ Button
Step 8:Insert ATM Card
Step 9:Select account type
Step 10:Please enter PIN number to proceed
Step 11:Transaction in progress
Step 12:Once approved, the ez-link card will be updated. Please do not remove ez-link card
Step 13:Transaction is successful.

PA Community Clubs and Water Venture Outlets ^

Island wide


All Capitaland malls

^ Convenience fees are applicable but waived during the introductory period. * Convenience/top-up fees are applicable.

Security Alert: We’ve noticed an increased number of phishing emails and fake advertisements and bogus webpages involving EZ-Link. Please be aware of such activities and click here for more details.