First electronic bus stamps

Issued By: Transit Link Pte Ltd

Holders of the Tertiary student ez-link Card, school smartcard and NS men ez-link Card will soon be using for the first time, the electronic equivalent of the paper bus stamps on their ez-link cards for bus concession travel.

The new Bus Concession Pass (BCP) will be encoded directly onto the relevant ez-link cards upon purchase. These electronic season passes will be available for sale progressively from all 56 TransitLink Ticket Offices. BCPs will replace the paper bus stamps once they are available for each category.

Tertiary students will lead the way with the use of BCPs from 1 July 2002 to coincide with the start of the new academic year. These BCPs will be available from all Ticket offices island-wide from Thursday, 27 June.

BCPs for primary students, secondary students and NS men will be introduced subsequently from September this year.

The paper bus stamps have been in use since 1978 for unlimited bus concession travel on a monthly basis. These stamps which can be used on both SBST and Tibs basic fare bus services total an average of close to 115 000 pieces sold each month.

BCPs can be bought, up to 7 days in advance. They are effective for use from any day of the month for one month (This is calculated as valid till n-1 day of the following month where n is the date of the month when the purchase was made).

The bus operators would like to remind BCP users to tap their school smartcard or ez-link Card against the bus entry reader when boarding, listen for the double beep and watch for the green light before showing the bus driver their Cards as per current practice.BCP users are also required to tap their Cards against the exit readers when alighting from the bus.

TransitLink is issuing the BCP on behalf of the public transport operators.

For more information, visit the websites or call TransitLink Hotline at 1800 767 4333.

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