EZ-Link unveils winners of ‘My Journey, My Home’ SG50 Card Design Art Competition

Best depictions of personal sentiments towards SG50 chosen to be featured on ez-link cards, with part of sales proceeds going to Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) to help students with dyslexia.

SINGAPORE, 3 August 2015– EZ-Link Pte Ltd unveiled the winning designs of the EZ-Link ‘My Journey, My Home’ SG50 Card Design Art Competition today. Four locals have been selected as grand winners for illustrating what Singapore’s Golden Jubilee means to them in the most creative and inspiring way. They received the Award Certificates from Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong, Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth who was the Guest-of-Honour at the Awards Ceremony today, together with 16 other best-of-show winners.

The top four winning designs have been printed on 200,000 ez-link cards which will go on sale from 4 August 2015 onwards at TransitLink Ticket Offices island-wide. Please refer to the Annex for winning designs and the order of availability of the top four winning designs. All the 20 best-of-show pieces, including the top four grand winning pieces, have been selected by a panel of judges comprising Mr Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link Pte Ltd; Mr Lee Siang, Chief Executive Officer, DAS; Ms Kathy Lai, Chief Executive Officer, National Arts Council (NAC); Ms Tangie Kay, Senior Assistant Director (Marketing Communications), SG50 Programme Office, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and Ms Lim Bee Ling, Programme Leader, Diploma in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts.

Supported by the NAC and MCCY in celebration of SG50, the competition was opened to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents and comprised the Open Category ran by the NAC for the public and the DAS category ran by the DAS for its existing and ex- students.

Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State for Culture, Community & Youth said: “The ez-link card has been transformed into a mini canvas for our young, budding artists to express their feelings about SG50. EZ-Link, working with partners like the Dyslexic Association of Singapore and National Arts Council, has also used art as a platform to support our children with dyslexia. I am deeply heartened by such efforts to make our society an inclusive and better Home for all.”

“Ahead of the nation’s joyous birthday celebration next week, EZ-Link is proud to present a commemorative ez-link card series that captures the uniqueness of Singapore through the eyes of its people.  The four cards make very special mementos for Singapore’s 50th birthday as the ez-link card has been chosen as one of Singapore’s many icons,” said Mr. Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link Pte Ltd. “We would like to thank our partners for making this competition so meaningful and successful and all participants for their amazing portrayals. We also hope that our humble effort will motivate children with dyslexia to continue to unleash their potential and make outstanding contributions to Singapore’s future.” “DAS is most grateful to EZ-Link for choosing us as the beneficiary of this commemorative series of SG50 cards. EZ-Link’s generous donation will make a significant difference to the learning journey of children with dyslexia who are in need of financial assistance. We are delighted that EZ-Link is issuing ez-link cards carrying the creative art pieces of DAS students island-wide. This will highlight the ability of children with dyslexia and promote better understanding of their learning difference. Children with dyslexia will also be encouraged to strive to maximise their talents,” said Lee Siang, Chief Executive Officer, DAS.

“It is evident from the creative expressions of the artwork received in this competition that our youths are optimistic and invested in Singapore’s future. We hope their stories and hopes will inspire many who carry their artwork on their journeys,” said Ms Kathy Lai, Chief Executive Officer, NAC.

“It was an honour to judge this national competition. What matters most in this journey of art is that one enjoys the process of visual composition,” said Ms Lim Bee Ling, Programme Leader, Diploma in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts. “All the students worked hard on their entries and should be proud of their artwork. Congratulations to the winners.” EZ-Link will contribute $0.25 from every card sold to DAS, with an aim of raising a total of S$50,000 to provide financial assistance to students with dyslexia at the primary and secondary levels from non-MOE funded schools who do not receive MOE grants for DAS programmes. These funds will strengthen learning support to students unable to afford the programmes without financial support and help them access much-needed programmes such as literacy, mathematics, Chinese language and Speech and Drama Arts, to improve their skills in these areas.

More information on the ‘My Journey, My Home’ card design art competition can be found on EZ-Link’s website (www.ezlink.com.sg/happenings/sg50), Facebook (www.facebook.com/myezlink), Instagram (www.instagram.com/ezlinksg) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/ezlinksg). In celebration of the ez-link card being selected an SG50 icon, EZ-Link will also feature its transformation over the past 13 years with the EZ-hibit SG – A Journey with EZ-Link exhibition at JCube. From 4 to 27 August 2015, the public can view ez-link cards curated from past to present and exclusive SG50 designs at Level 1, JCube Atrium. Please refer to Annex – EZ-Link ‘My Journey, My Home’ SG50 Card Design Art Competition Results.

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About EZ-Link Pte Ltd

EZ-Link Pte Ltd was formed on 8 January 2002. Its core business is the clearing and settlement of all ez-link card transactions generated in transit and non-transit (retail/merchant) environments, as well as the sale, distribution and overall management of ez-link cards. To date, more than 17 million new CEPAS-compliant ez-link cards have been issued. This is in tandem with the government’s plan to promote cashless payments in Singapore. In line with this vision, the new ez-link card is now also accepted as a mode of payment for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and at carparks fitted with the Electronic Payment System (EPS) when used in the dual-mode in-vehicle unit. In 2013, EZ-Link launched the “My EZ-Link Mobile” application, the world’s first Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile application for contactless card top-ups. In 2015, EZ-Link unveiled two new innovations in Singapore, EZ-Charms, the first non-card form factor, as well as the EZ-Link rewards scheme with Perx to reward commuters for using public transport with the ez-link card.

About Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS)

Our Mission: Helping Dyslexic People Achieve Our Goal: To build a world class organisation dedicated to helping dyslexic people, those with specific learning differences and reaching out to the region.

Registered in 1991, the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) is today a vibrant voluntary welfare organisation with over 240 full-time staff who provide a wide array of services for dyslexics not only in Singapore but in the region. DAS Educational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Specialist Psychologists provide support for over 3,000 preschool, primary and secondary school students in 13 centres all over Singapore. Besides the main literacy programme, DAS also offers support in Mathematics, Chinese, English Exam Skills and Speech and Drama Arts. Increasingly, DAS will provide support for dyslexics who also suffer from other specific learning differences such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyspraxia, dyscalculia and non-verbal learning differences.

About National Arts Council (NAC)

NAC was set up to spearhead the development of the arts in Singapore while advancing the country’s aspiration to be a distinctive global city for the arts. NAC’s mission is to nurture the arts and make Singapore’s rich and diverse culture an integral part of people’s lives. Anchored on the twin strategies of excellence and engagement in the arts, NAC aims to build a vibrant arts sector by creating a conducive environment where the arts is accessible to all, and artistic talents have the necessary resources and capabilities to excel and achieve long-term sustainability. For more information on NAC’s programmes and initiatives, please visit www.nac.gov.sg.

About Singapore50

Singapore is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence in 2015. To commemorate and celebrate this major milestone in our nation’s history, Singaporeans will not only have a say in how the nation celebrates its Golden Jubilee, they will also be invited to plan and organise activities. To guide and coordinate the plans for the 50th anniversary celebrations, a Steering Committee chaired by Minister for Education Heng Swee Keat has been formed. Named the Singapore50 (SG50) Steering Committee, it comprises representatives from the public, private and people sectors. For more information on SG50, please visit www.Singapore50.sg.

Annex – ‘My Journey, My Home’ Card Design Art Competition Results

Top Four Winners (Each of these art pieces have been printed onto 50,000 ez-link cards each and will be sold at TransitLink Ticket Offices island-wide in the following order)

  1. Tang Chun Kit Matthew Hubert, 11 years old (DAS Category, aged 12 or below)
  1. William Choo, 15 years old (DAS Category, aged 13 to 25)
  1. Neo Hui-Shyan, 11 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)
  1. Nur Amalia Bte Kamal, 16 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)


Best-of-Show Winners

  1. Kyler Lai, 12 years old (DAS Category, aged 12 or below)
  2. Faith Goh, 10 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)
  3. Ashley Koh, 11 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)


  1. Gwenyth Tan, 11 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)
  2. Chua Jia Xuan, 11 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)
  3. Jared Lim Guan Ying, 11 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)
  4. Teoh Yong Han, 10 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)
  1. S. Fathima Sameeha, 13 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)
  2. Samantha Ann Francis, 25 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)
  3. Koh Wan Xin, 19 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)
  4. Zoe Ng Zhi Qi, 18 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)
  5. Koh Min Xian, 22 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)
  6. Tan Jia Xin, 15 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)
  7. Ong Han Yu, 23 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)


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