EZ-Link Launches Limited Edition Cards Featuring Designs by Local Artist to Commemorate Singapore’s 56th National Day

Prominent local artist Ah Guo’s designs hope to spread hope and happiness, and celebrate community resilience during the pandemic

SINGAPORE, 26 JULY 2021 – EZ-Link Pte Ltd, pioneer of contactless payments in Singapore, will soon launch a set of two limited edition National Day EZ-Link cards in partnership with local artist Lee Kow Fong, more commonly known as Ah Guo. These special edition cards will be available on Friday, 30 July, featuring  unique artwork designed and illustrated by Ah Guo to showcase Singaporeans’ spirit of resilience during these challenging times and hope of emerging stronger from the pandemic.


Ah Guo is a renowned local artist who specialises in watercolour illustrations. He is also a picture book creator, and adopts a distinct style of featuring his subjects in a childlike fashion to appeal to people of all ages. Ah Guo came to fame during the circuit breaker in Singapore last year for his designs and illustrations of everyday scenes and people, and continued to introduce new designs to encourage Singaporeans to stay calm and feel hopeful.


In line with the theme for Singapore’s 56th National Day, “Together, Our Singapore Spirit”, EZ-Link partnered with Ah Guo to feature two of the National Day designs he had illustrated last year as part of a set of limited edition EZ-Link cards.


Fig 1. A Vibrant Future (left) and Higher We Go! (right) designed and illustrated by local artist Ah Guo


“A Vibrant Future” depicts children in Singapore filled with joy and excitement as they play, a reflection of Ah Guo’s aspiration for the future generation of Singaporeans to grow up with a sense of optimism and find happiness. Also, “Higher We Go!” is set in a typical Singapore heartland, capturing the lively and vibrant atmosphere of Singaporeans celebrating National Day in August. The highlight of the illustration is a young father lifting his little daughter up – symbolising how Singapore, as a young nation, has so much potential for the future. Together, the designs demonstrate the Singapore Spirit and Singaporeans’ resilience during these challenging times. They also serve to express confidence for a happier, stronger community after the pandemic.


I have always wanted to use my art as a means to inspire people, and help them stay calm and positive,” shared Ah Guo, local illustrator. “This is more important now than ever before as we battle through the pandemic, and I am heartened to be able to share my illustrations and bring joy to Singaporeans during this time.”


“As we celebrate the nation’s 56th birthday, we wanted to take this opportunity to spread some hope among Singaporeans and encourage them to stay strong and resilient,” Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link. “Ah Guo’s artistic values resonate with us, and we are pleased to partner with him to deliver small moments of inspiration in consumers’ everyday lives.”


The limited edition cards will be available on Friday, 30 July onwards, and will retail at S$15.60 (no load value) for a set of two on the EZ-Link Official Store on Shopee while stocks last. EZ-Link will also be hosting a National Day lucky draw from 6 to 31 August on the EZ-Link mobile app, where users can exchange 56 rewards points for a chance at the draw. Ten lucky winners will each receive a special edition EZ-Link card with Ah Guo’s signature and $56 load value.

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