Continue your journey with EZ-Link by upgrading to SimplyGo EZ-Link

As card-based ticketing system for adult commuters phases out on 1 June 2024, an enhanced fuss-free commute is just one upgrade away

9 January 2024, Singapore As the Land Transport Authority moves towards full adoption of the SimplyGo account-based ticketing platform for adult commuters from 1 June 2024, commuters can continue their journey with EZ-Link with a simple upgrade of their card to SimplyGo EZ-Link. The upgrade will also provide users with a range of valuable benefits such as mobile and remote top-ups, checking of card balance and receiving low balance alerts at their fingertips.

Moving to SimplyGo EZ-Link is an easy, one-step process involving upgrading of the card at any Ticketing Machine or SimplyGo Ticket Office. Upon completion, commuters will have the opportunity to unlock an array of seamless experiences by pairing their SimplyGo EZ-Link card with the SimplyGo mobile application.

Commuters who would like to check if their EZ-Link card requires upgrading to SimplyGo EZ-Link can conveniently do so on a dedicated interactive guide here: Otherwise, they can do so by checking if their card has the SimplyGo logo via the SimplyGo app, EZ-Link app or at any Ticketing Machine.

Figure 1: Find out if you need to upgrade your card to SimplyGo EZ-Link based on what you use your card for

EZ-Link calls commuters to perform the upgrade well ahead of the cessation date to avoid last-minute rush and to start enjoying the convenience of topping up on-the-go and more with SimplyGo EZ-Link. To encourage commuters to take action, EZ-Link is running a lucky draw from now to 31 May 2024, where 1,000 eligible participants stand to win up to 6 months of free public transport travel. (

“With the increasing adoption of SimplyGo, switching to account-based ticketing platform is a natural transition that will bring convenience to our customers with services made available through the SimplyGo mobile app. EZ-Link understands that some customers may require more assistance to transition from card-based to account-based ticketing and is committed to make every step of the journey simple and rewarding,” said Mr. Nicholas Lee, CEO of EZ-Link.

A survey conducted by EZ-Link highlighted positive user experiences and satisfaction with SimplyGo EZ-Link. Over 96.5% of SimplyGo EZ-Link users surveyed indicated that they would continue to be a user and 88.3% expressed that they would recommend their families and friends to upgrade to SimplyGo EZ-Link. The most well-liked features of SimplyGo EZ-Link are checking their card transactions and topping up their cards conveniently through the app.

“SimplyGo EZ-Link gives me a hassle-free experience as my physical card is no longer needed for topping up my card. This remote top-up function enables me to top up on the go instead of having to queue at ticketing machines,” said Mr Lim Hong Rui, SimplyGo EZ-Link user.

Check if your EZ-Link card is expiring in 2024

Figure 2: Special Justice League SimplyGo EZ-Link card

To allow more commuters to enjoy the benefits of SimplyGo, EZ-Link has also made available a new Special Justice League SimplyGo EZ-Link card to customers whose card expires in 2024 at just $3 instead of the usual card cost at $5, at SimplyGo Ticket Offices.

Remaining monies in expiring cards will be transferred to the new cards, which do not carry any stored value.

Continue Your Motoring Experience with EZ-Link

For customers using adult EZ-Link cards for ERP and car park payments, they can continue to do so without upgrading their cards to SimplyGo which is currently not compatible with existing In-vehicle Units.

Customers using the existing EZ-Link Motoring card for ERP and car park payments will not be able to upgrade their cards to SimplyGo. This will ensure that they will continue to enjoy the current benefits and functions of the motoring card.

Figure 3: The EZ-Link Motoring card

EZ-Link Motoring cards can be used in the on-board units (OBUs) that are being progressively installed in vehicles since 1 November 2023, in preparation for the satellite-based Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system or ERP 2.0. Customers can also continue to enjoy the ease of topping up these cards with the EZ-Link app, at 7-Eleven, AXS machines and DBS/POSB and OCBC ATMs.

Concession cardholders do not need to rush to upgrade their cards by 31 May 2024

Concession cardholders can continue to use their existing EZ-Link concession cards and do not have to upgrade their cards by 31 May 2024. Nonetheless, commuters with such cards can also choose to upgrade to SimplyGo to enjoy the convenience of topping up on the go as well as viewing travel history and expenditure.

For the latest updates, please visit or follow EZ-Link’s Facebook, Instagram and Telegram pages. For any queries, please contact EZ-Link hotline at 6496 8300 or SimplyGo hotline at 1800 2255 663.


Annex A – Frequently Asked Questions

Annex B –  Glossary of terms in Chinese

About EZ-Link Pte Ltd

Established in 2002, EZ-Link is a pioneer in contactless payments in Singapore with the EZ-Link card being its core product offering. EZ-Link remains the top choice for contactless prepaid card payment in Singapore with more than 40 million cards issued to date. Synonymous with transit payments in Singapore, EZ-Link has since expanded its offerings and is widely used for shopping, dining, private transport, government services, and community services at more than 30,000 acceptance points across the island. EZ-Link continues to be at the forefront of digital inclusion, bringing all Singaporeans, young and old, onto the nation’s cashless journey. For more information, please visit

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ANNEX A:  Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check if my card is a SimplyGo EZ-Link card?
Look for the SimplyGo logo/text when you check if your EZ-Link card is on SimplyGo through the following channels:

2. Will I still be able to use my EZ-Link card if I don’t upgrade it?
You can use your existing EZ-Link card or charm until 31 May 2024. From 1st June 2024, your card/charm/wearable must be upgraded to continue using it for public transport.

If your EZ-Link card is expiring in 2024, you can exchange it for a subsidised SimplyGo EZ-Link card at $3 at any SimplyGo Ticket Office. For more information and details, please refer to this page:

3. I have Auto Top-up activated on my EZ-Link. Will it be terminated when I upgrade my card?
No, the Auto Top-up facility will not be terminated. The service will automatically be continued when you upgrade your card at the Ticketing machine.

4. I use my EZ-Link card for both public transport and motoring payments. What should I do?
From 1 June 2024, you will not be able a single card for both public transport and motoring payments.

If you want to continue using your card for public transport only, please upgrade your existing card to SimplyGo EZ-Link at the Ticketing machines.

If you want to continue using your card for motoring payments only, please do not upgrade your card.

Annex B – Glossary of terms in Chinese

English Chinese
SimplyGo 新易通
SimplyGo EZ-Link card 新易通卡
SimplyGo app SimplyGo 应用程序

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