EZ-Link and VIX ERG Unveil the Next Generation CEPAS Fare Validator

Private bus operators will now be able to collect fare payments in a more efficient and hassle-less way with the iVal™ CP6000 fare validator.
Issued By: EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Vix ERG Pty Ltd

SINGAPORE, 2 March 2010 – EZ-Link Pte Ltd, issuer and distributor of the ez-link card since 2002, has collaborated with Vix ERG Pty Ltd, an Australian-based company and world leader in the deployment, supply and operation of integrated fare management solutions for the transit industry, in launching a new fare validator that can be deployed for use across all private buses in Singapore.

Available for use from 2 March 2010 onwards, the new fare validator, also known as the iValTM CP6000, will first be installed in private charter buses managed by Woodlands Transport Services, one of the largest private transport fleet in Singapore today. Installation will take place progressively, with 10 buses already equipped with the iValTM CP6000, and 50 by the end of April 2010.

Local tourist shuttle bus and attraction operator, City Tours Singapore, has also engaged Vix ERG to provide a similar system for their small but growing shuttle bus fleet.

With abundant built-in processing, expandable memory capabilities and a multitude of communication options, the iVal™ CP6000 is the first validator of its kind to be launched in Singapore and will accept all CEPAS-compliant ez-link cards.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the iVal™ CP6000 will take a relatively shorter time to validate a smart card, resulting in quicker and more convenient transactions for both the passenger and bus operator. Some of the other unique features that the iValTM CP6000 boasts are as follows:

Bright-colored screen – A high-resolution color graphical display shows passengers full details of their transactions. A large, brightly-colored illuminated indicator surrounds the display to provide clear and direct processing feedback to the user.

High-quality digital audio – A speaker system, capable of supporting digital audio (including voice), provides for communication of the transaction status clearly and promptly.

Editable Fare Table – Bus operators can D.I.Y. and make changes to the fare table on their own, without having to rely on the supplier or manufacturer of the card reader to do so. They can easily assign and edit a bus fare for a particular route as and when they want to.

Durability – The iVal™ CP6000 fare validators are ruggedized and suitable for use within the transport industry.

Effortless Maintenance and Asset Management – The iVal™ CP6000 comes with quick-release, lockable cradle assembly, which incorporates an ‘active cradle’ assembly to support systematic validator asset management.

The iVal™ CP6000 fare validator also allows for higher processing speed with a 400MHz PowerPCTM processor, and enables quick connectivity, using a variety of communications interfaces and protocols, to other peripherals. Operating on the open source Linux Operating System, the product can be easily-customized for greater convenience.

“We are very happy and excited to be collaborating with EZ-Link to roll-out these new fare validators, from the iValTM range, for the first time in Singapore. These new devices can help bus operators establish a more efficient system of fare collection, allowing for a shorter transaction time and end-of-day settlement of fare collected. The iValTM CP6000 fare validators have demonstrated to be a resounding success across countries in continental Europe and Scandinavia, and we hope to have it replicated here in Singapore. By installing the iValTM CP6000, Singapore bus companies will provide their passengers a new level of service and convenience, which should ultimately help their business achieve increased passenger flow,” said Mr Frank Havelka, General Manager of Vix ERG Asia Pacific.

“EZ-Link is very pleased to work with Vix ERG in introducing the new CEPAS fare validators to the private bus sector and believe that it will allow for quick and efficient transactions on-board private buses. Above all, EZ-Link strives to move beyond being a dominant player in providing cashless payment methods for the public transport sector, but also extend its services to the private transport companies in Singapore,” said Mr Nicholas Lee, Executive Director of EZ-Link Pte Ltd.

“We believe that the new iVal™ CP6000 fare validators and the acceptance of cashless payment methods will not only provide greater convenience to our passengers in terms of fare payment, but also streamline the whole process of fare collection and make it so much easier and hassle-less for us,” said Mr Albert Lim, Deputy Managing Director of Woodlands Transport Service Pte Ltd.

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