EZ-Link Gives Motorists an Extra Mile

All motorists with the Next-Generation In-vehicle Unit (2GIU) can now pay for their car park charges with their ez-link cards and enjoy value-added benefits and rebates.
Issued By: EZ-Link Pte Ltd

SINGAPORE, 9 September 2010 – In line with the projected upgrade of 220 Electronic Parking System (EPS) car parks by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to accept CEPAS-compliant cards by mid 2011, EZ-Link Pte Ltd announces that all of its 8 million CEPAS-compliant ez-link cards that have been issued since 2009 can be used in the Next-Generation In-vehicle Unit (2GIU) for parking payments at these car parks. Currently, 42 EPS car parks have already been upgraded to accept ez-link cards.

With these developments, motorists in Singapore will now have a new card payment mode with EZ-Link to pay for their ERP and car park charges. To bring greater convenience to motorists choosing ez-link as the preferred card for car park and ERP payments, EZ-Link will automatically extend its auto top up service, called EZ Reload, to these new payment points.

EZ-Reload is an automatic top-up facility that reloads value in an ez-link card when it runs low. With EZReload, motorists using the 2GIU with the EZ Link card will enjoy convenience and peace-of-mind as it ensures that they will always have sufficient value in their ez-link cards when they pay for parking or when they travel on the road.

In addition, EZ-Link has also partnered banks to offer rebates to motorists who choose EZ-Reload as their top-up option, thereby offering both convenience and cost-savings to ez-link cardholders when they pay for their parking charges and ERP.

To further support EZ-Link’s new motoring customers, EZ-Link has also added new sales and top-up channels to enable motorists to conveniently buy and top up their ez-link cards, with the most recent sales avenue being over 500 7-Eleven convenience stores, where the cards can be purchased at $10 each with a $5 stored value. These cards can also be topped up via a whole network of top-up facilities easily accessible to motorists such as AXS Stations, DBS/POSB ATMs, Community Clubs and 7-Eleven convenience stores island-wide.

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