EZ-Link injects more fun into commuters’ everyday moments with the launch of its first mobility-based augmented reality game ‘Ride and Find’

$250,000 worth of EZ-Link Wallet cashback and grocery vouchers to be given out to SimplyGo EZ-Link card users who succeed at capturing in-game characters

Singapore, 4 October 2022 – Commuters can look forward to more entertaining and rewarding trips on Singapore’s public transit network starting today with the launch of EZ-Link’s first in-app mobility-based augmented reality (AR) game – ‘Ride and Find’. Designed to encourage consumers to adopt a sustainable, car-lite lifestyle and upgrade to the SimplyGo EZ-Link card, ‘Ride and Find’ offers players the chance to earn cashback and redeem attractive rewards by capturing AR game characters located at around 5,000 bus stops, and 189 MRT and LRT stations across Singapore.

As part of the game, EZ-Link will be giving away $250,000 worth of EZ-Link Wallet cashback as well as FairPrice E-Vouchers to players who successfully capture a set number of characters and earn a set number of EZ-Link coins.

“At EZ-Link, we strive to create memorable experiences for our users by making everyday moments a little more delightful and rewarding,” said Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link. “We hope ‘Ride and Find’ will bring joy to commuters as they wait for their public transportation rides, while encouraging more users to upgrade their existing cards to SimplyGo EZ-Link cards to enjoy the enhanced benefits of remote top-ups, earn reward points, track travel spend, and more. EZ-Link is also stepping up our efforts to encourage sustainable living, and we hope this experience will encourage commuters to opt for public transport over private as they go about their daily activities.”

Exciting gameplay and rewarding prizes to perk up everyday moments

‘Ride and Find’ will feature characters based on familiar local cuisine favourites, with special appearances by well-known homegrown mascot, Singa the Kindness Lion. On the mascot’s inclusion in the game, Michelle Tay, Head of Partnerships, Singapore Kindness Movement said, “We hope the iconic Singa the Kindness Lion will be a visual reminder and encouragement to all users – young and old – to take every opportunity to demonstrate kindness and graciousness toward others during daily commutes. The kinder we are as fellow caring commuters, the stronger and more pleasant our public transport journey will be for all.”

In-game visuals from EZ-Link’s first mobility-based AR ‘Ride & Find’ game

To play the game, participants will need at least one SimplyGo EZ-Link card added to the EZ-Link App, and allow location-based services access on the app. Players are issued six photo rolls and $1 cashback to their SimplyGo EZ-Link card when they first join the game, with additional photo roll(s) awarded with every $2[1] spent on public transport using any SimplyGo EZ-Link card registered on the app[2]. Additionally, players will be awarded one photo roll with each daily check-in.

Photo rolls allow players to take snapshots of characters located within 50 to 100 metres of each bus stop or MRT station. Each location will only allow one snapshot per day.

Players will also earn EZ-Link coins with every character snapshot, daily check-in, and through player referrals[3]. The number of coins earned with every snapshot will be dependent on the rarity of the characters. The rarer the character, the more photo rolls required to snap it, resulting in more coins being awarded.

Players will be rewarded with up to $10 cashback into their SimplyGo EZ-Link card based on the numbers of characters they have snapped. The EZ-Link coins earned can also be used to redeem rewards such as up to $20 of FairPrice E-Vouchers, or $20 EZ-Link Wallet cashback. With characters at around 5,000 bus stops, and 189 MRT and LRT stations, earning rewards is never far away. ‘Ride and Find’ is exclusively available on the EZ-Link App, and will run from 4 October to 30 November 2022.




[1] $2 spent on public transport can be aggregated across any SimplyGo EZ-Link card(s) added to each user’s EZ-Link App.

[2] Photo rolls will be awarded to users after the travel transaction is processed. Transactions may take up to 5 days to be processed.

[3] Referees must also play the game in order for the referrer to earn EZ-Link coins.


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