1. An ez-link Card is valid for use for 5 years from the date that it is encoded for use by EZL (the “Validity Period”), and thereafter the ez-link Card shall expire (“Expiry Date”).  The validity of the ez-link Card may also be shorter or longer than 5 years as may be notified by EZL to the Customer at the point or sale of any ez-link Card in any product packaging or otherwise at the point of issuance of the ez-link Card.  EZL may in its discretion and from time to time extend the Validity Period for any or all types of ez-link Cards.
  2. EZL may at its discretion blacklist any ez-link cards:
    1. the ez-link Card is suspected of being counterfeited, stolen, lost, tampered with or fraudulently issued or procured; or
    2. the monies have been fraudulently or illegally revalued or otherwise accessed; or
    3. the ez-link Card is or are otherwise suspected of being faulty, damaged or invalid for use.
  3. Where any ez-link Card has been blacklisted, the Customer shall not be entitled to use the ez-link Card, and the monies shall not be refunded to the Customer except with the approval of EZL.